Eastridge Meals Program

Issaquah Meals Program & Brown Bag Lunches Program

Eastridge Church participates in the Issaquah Meals Program, a community program run by Catholic Community Services (CCS). CCS coordinates volunteers who prepare and serve hot meals at the Issaquah Community Hall (map) Monday through Friday throughout the year to people in need. The meal is free and there is no means test or questions asked. Eastridge is one of many churches and volunteer groups who participate.

Eastridge provides, prepares and serves hot meals the 2nd and 5th Fridays of each month (16 times a year) (Issaquah Meals program or Hot Meals). Teams of 5-8 volunteers either prepare the food in the Issaquah Campus kitchen and serve it to the patrons.

Eastridge also provides brownbag lunches for the patrons the first Friday of each month (Brown bag Lunches program). Here are a couple useful websites:

For more information email Lisette Murrell or contact the church office.