In Children’s Ministry, October is a significant month when we provide an event that is an alternative to Halloween. Fall Festival is a free, family friendly night for kids of all ages. We pledge to have fun and host 2 hours of “nothing but smiles.” The event will bring you games, activities, a half-time show, loads of candy and a costume contest.

When You Arrive
You’ll be greeted by several people who will be more than happy to answer your questions. At our registration tables, pick up an Info Sheet for the night. We encourage you to plan your evening for maximum fun, tailored for your family.

Register On-Site
When on-site, we encourage you to register to be entered to win one of three prizes.

To register, copy and paste the site address into your browser: Click to Register

New Activities
This year, we’ve added extra activities for your enjoyment. Laser Tag will match 2 teams of 5 kids in a whirlwind of fun for 5 minutes. R/C Racing will pit 4 cars controlled by kids, in a heated race to see who will dominate the race track.

Timed Ticketed Activities
We have 20+ activities throughout our facility that generally allow for “quick line movement”. Five of our activities have limited space per session: Laser Tag, R/C Racing, Bouncy House, Face Painting, and Balloon Animals. Upon registration, you will have access to pick up tickets for the timed activities at their location. Follow the map on the Info Sheet.

Costume Contest
If you plan on entering into our contest for really cool prizes, simply register in your category at our Costume Contest Station. 

Our categories for the costume contest are:

Best Baby Costume
#1 DIY Costume
Most Imaginative Costume
Best Costumed Family
Best DIY Creative Family

Fall Festival is an incredible opportunity to invite friends and neighbors! Join us Friday, October 26, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Activities for ages 2-11 years. Come join us!


Click to volunteer

During the Event
To make Fall Festival a success, we need an army of volunteers. The biggest crew we need, is during the event itself. We know that most people would prefer to give part of their time to serve and the other portion to enjoy the night. Something new this year, is shift rotation and added incentives if you’re a parent, relative or guardian bringing kids to this event. If we have enough volunteers, we will have two shifts, 6:00pm to 7:30pm and 7:00pm to 8:30pm. For all families who volunteer, we will keep our timed rides open an extra half hour, exclusively for your enjoyment and your kids will receive a bag of candy with extra Bible Bucks. This is our way of saying thank you for investing in Children’s Ministry!

Thursday Evening Setup
If you’d like, you can help with our setup, Thursday night 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Friday After Event Cleanup
Most of our activities will be setup and dismantled by vendors. However, we will need a fresh crew to help clean up and return our personal property to their rightful places.

Candy Donations

Please consider donating a bag or two of candy! 

Every year, you donate a vast amount of candy and we are incredibly grateful for your support. This year is no exception! There is a table in the Issaquah campus atrium ready to receive candy donations. Due to the increase of allergies amongst the general population, we ask that you refrain from any treats that contain nuts of any kind. Thank you for partnering with us!