Parenting Resources: Adoption & Foster Care

13 Scriptures on Adoption and Orphan Care


Traits of Successful Adoptive Families (series)


Attachment and Bonding (series)


The Struggle to Reach Normal After An Adoption


Why Churches are the Key to Addressing America’s Foster Care Crisis


Adoption Children (series)


Growing Pains in Adoptive Families


When Your Adopted Child Pushes You Away


The Connected Child (book): Dr. Karyn B. Purvis, Dr. David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine


Uncomfortable Questions About Your Child’s Adoption


Helping an Adopted Child Succeed in the Classroom


Adoptive Family: When Daniel Doubted


Finding a Forever Family


Bubba Watson and the Joy of Adoption


Loving Kids in Foster Care (Pt 1 of 2 audio)


Loving Kids in Foster Care (Pt 2 of 2 audio)


Adoption From Foster Care


Jimmy Wayne: “Be Somebody for a Child in Foster Care”


Easing Your Family’s Concern About Adoption


Honoring Your Adopted Child’s Past


Helping Adopted Children Understand Expressions of Love


Helping Adopted Children Express Themselves


Understanding Your Adopted Child’s Behavior


What Can We Do About Foster Care in America?


Ten Questions for Families Preparing to Foster or Adopt


Dear Birthmoms and Foster Parents