Your Year-End Gifts are Vital to the Ministry of Eastridge Church


As we come to the end of 2018, we want to thank you for your generous gifts throughout the year to support the ministries of Eastridge Church! This was a breakthrough year for our church. We have seen great growth and ministry development. We have also taken a bold step toward an even greater future as we stepped into the planning and development of our new “Phase II” ministry center.

Our church body has a strong history of special year-end giving that helps us to meet current needs and empowers us to step into new areas of ministry in the coming year. Overall we have had a strong financial year. Our Inspire giving has been strong and the health of our church is at an all time high. As we close out 2018, we are praying and working toward raising an additional $125,000 over our December budget. This amount would allow us to finish 2018 on budget and give us a boost toward 2019. As our board and leadership team work on the 2019 budget we are facing cost increases in a number of areas that include expanding ministry opportunities and also the cost of taking care of our team. We have a wonderful team of leaders and we want to support them and their families as they pour out their lives to touch our community for Christ.

It is exciting and challenging to see the ministries thriving and growing. The opportunities are all around us. This is a wonderful time to pray and stretch to sow seeds that will empower ministry and see people change.

A second way to support the ministry of the church is to sow a year-end INSPIRE gift. These gifts will help us as we work to build Phase II on our main campus. Our vision is to build a space that is double the size of our current student center and do it without adding additional debt. This will create new opportunities for ministry greater than we have ever had. Your gifts can help make this vision a reality! We cannot express our deep heartfelt appreciation for your faithful prayers and financial support as we press in together to see people come to Christ. You are making the difference in so many lives!

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can make a huge difference with a special year-end gift. May God richly bless you!


Gifts of Cash

The most popular way to make a gift is with cash, check, or credit card. To take a deduction for the gift on your 2018 tax return, your gift must be postmarked or received by the church on or before December 31, 2018. You can also donate by going online here, or by using our Eastridge mobile app. You can give by text, too – just text “Eastridge” to 77977 and a link to give to Eastridge will be sent to your phone.

Corporate Match

Many large and local corporations offer employee charitable giving match programs. Check with your company to see if they offer corporate matching, thus doubling your donation to the church. If interested, please contact our accounting office at for further instructions.

Gifts of Non-Cash Assets

You can also donate certain assets of value to the church, which can be a tax benefit to the donor, including:

Stocks/bonds/mutual funds: You can donate to the church instead of selling it. Have your investment broker contact our accounting office at for instructions to transfer the securities to our account.

Real Estate: This is especially beneficial if the property is worth less now then when you purchased it. You can donate the proceeds from the sale to the church and take a capital loss on your tax return.

Income Producing Business or Real Estate: You can donate income from these assets, and thus reduce your taxable income. We partner with National Christian Foundation (NCF), a reputable firm that manages these types of gifts. NCF would work with you to evaluate your opportunities.

Important Note

Please consult your tax adviser before making any major decisions that may have an impact on your tax liability. Also, donating these types of gifts generally take longer to arrange, so notify your investment advisor right away to make sure your gift can qualify as a 2018 transaction for tax purposes.


The purpose of this publication is only to make you aware of the possibilities that may exist for you to make a donation to Eastridge Church. This is not to be taken as advice for financial or tax purposes.