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Eastridge Leadership School (ELS) is a two-year program designed to equip and develop leaders within the context of ministry at Eastridge Church.  Every person who enters ELS will receive 8, six-week courses designed to equip them with a deeper understanding of Scripture, greater certainty of their faith, and stronger development of their leadership skills.  Upon successful completion of the two-year program, you will be recognized as a certified leader at Eastridge Church. 

ELS also involves practical ministry experience.  There are two programs from which to choose:

  • Adult Leadership Program (ALP) – designed for adults to gain a breadth of ministry exposure within the context of Eastridge Church. You will be able to meet with 2-3 different Pastors or Ministry Directors to gain a better understanding of their departments and leadership meetings.  You will also have the opportunity to observe various operations, functions, and meetings of Eastridge Church.

  • Student Internship Program (SIP) – designed for students/young adults to specialize in a certain ministry department within Eastridge Church. You will work directly with a Pastor/Ministry Director in their respective ministry and fulfill various functions and responsibilities that are assigned to you.  The purpose is to develop you as a leader within a specific ministry.

The vision of Eastridge is to expand our reach with additional campuses and ministries in the future.  In order to fulfill that vision, ELS will serve as a vital leadership pipeline as we reach out from the I-90 corridor to the ends of the earth!


WHEN: Mondays at 7 – 9PM

WHERE: Zoom Meetings
for more info contact Eugenia Larsen.

COST: $50 per year
(includes 4, six-week courses and complimentary registration to the Inspire Conference at Eastridge Church)

IMPORTANT DATES: September 28, 2020 at 7pm (Orientation)

CLASSES (2020-2021 schedule):


OCT 05
First Quarter Begins
Year One – “Introduction to the Old Testament”
Year Two – “Principles of Biblical Interpretation”

NOV 09
First Quarter Ends

NOV 16



JAN 11
Second Quarter Begins
Year One – “Ministry Organization and Leadership”
Year Two – “Apologetics”

FEB 15
Second Quarter Ends

FEB 22

MAR 01
Third Quarter Begins
Year One – “Introduction to the New Testament”
Year Two – “Advanced Church Leadership”

APR 05
Third Quarter Ends

APR 12

APR 19
Fourth Quarter Begins
Year One – “Foundations of Christian Theology”
Year Two – “Sermon Preparation and Delivery”

MAY 24
Fourth Quarter Ends

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