Join us on Wednesday nights from 7pm – 8:30pm for our Wild Wednesdays. This summer, we will have 7 super fun themed nights for our preschool (3 years – Kindergarten*) and elementary (1st to 5th grade*) kids! [* They will join the grade they were in during the 2023/2024 school year] These nights are an excellent opportunity for your kids to come to church, hear about God, and then engage in some SUPER FUN and WILD activities that they’ll never forget! Please take a look below for more information about our Wild Wednesdays this summer!

Do you like playing games and SMASHING things?? Then, our Wild Scavenge and Smash Wednesday is for you! Elementary kids (1st – 5th grade) will get to play games smash stuff from cups to watermelons and so much more, while our preschool kids (3 years-Kindergarten) will get to play fun games and smash some stuff in a fun and safe environment! Grab your friends and get ready for some fun!!

Join us for Wild Wild West Wednesday! It’s going to be a WILD time here at church full of Wild Wild West themed games and a chance to test your skills using some WILD SILLY STRING!! Make sure to invite your friends for the rootinest tootinest night all summer!!

Merry Christmas!! … … in July! We think that Christmas is so amazing that we just can’t wait until December to celebrate so we are doing it in July! Grab your friends because this Christmas in July everyone is going home with a gift during our pass the gift game! Make sure to come dressed in your best Christmas themed attire for extra Bible Bucks or wear your best Ugly Christmas T-SHIRT(or make one!) for our Ugly Christmas swe… I mean t-shirt competition! 

Everyone loves slime and this night will be full of it! We will play some slime games and everyone will be going home with their very own slime. Make sure to bring your friends because in elementary we will be playing some slime games and your kid might get the chance to slime a leader!!! … or two! In preschool your kid will get to make some slime and oobleck and have so much fun! Overall, it’s going to be fun slime filled night. 

Grab your towels and get ready to get soaked because it’s time for Wild Water Wednesday!! We will have a night filled with fun water games and the opportunity to use our giant inflatable water slides! This is one of our favorite events all year long so make sure to bring your friends. We recommend you bring a towel and wear a swimsuit under your clothes so that you can jump on the water slide. 


Lasers… Lollipops… who could think of a better combination! In elementary we will have super fun games and we will be playing laser tag outdoors! In preschool we will have a bunch of fun games and activities involving finger lights, lasers and so much more. And finally at the end of the night everyone is going home with a GIANT LOLLIPOP, so make sure to bring your friends so they can join the fun! 

It’s time for INFLATABLE OLYMPICS! Join us as we host our own mini olympic game involving inflatables! In elementary we will have our obstacle course relay race, giant soccer, bouncy house challenge and more fun olympic style games. In preschool we will have our mini olympics involving a bouncy castle, balloon animals, bubbles and more inflatable fun! So, grab your friends and find out who will be the inflatable olympic champions!

Volunteer For Wild Wednesdays!!

Calling all Parents, Guardians, Grandmas, Grandpas, uncles or whoever else! Join us to help make this summer amazing for your kid and so many others! Helping out with Wild Wednesdays is an easy and great way to be a part of your child’s spiritual development, all while getting to help impact the lives of so many other kids too!

You can choose to help out with one or a few Wild Wednesday and you get to not only make this night special for the kids but you also get to be a part of the fun yourselves!!