Each year at Eastridge we take the first week of January to turn our hearts with fresh resolve to God with a week of prayer and fasting. We invite you to join in this spiritual experience! This week is an opportunity to open our hearts for God to speak to us as we seek after him in prayer and fasting. With three services each day, there are lots of opportunities to be part; we encourage you to come out as much as your schedule allows! The services will include both individual and corporate prayer times, as well as a time to worship through music in the evening.



Although we encourage you to fast – food or otherwise for the entire week, one day or part of a day – it is not required to take part in the week’s activities. We will wrap up the week with a “break-fast” dinner on January 10 at 6 pm (Issaquah campus). RSVP for this dinner by emailing info@eastridgetoday.com.

January 6-10, 2020

DAILY MEETINGS: 6am, noon, 6pm
(Wednesday at 6am, noon, 7pm)



Monday: Wisdom & Guidance
Tuesday: Provision
Wednesday: Repentance & Revival
Thursday: Physical & Emotional Healing
Friday: Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance